Perligo: eLearning Review Tool and Feedback Manager Concept

Perligo came as an idea from vast experience from the VYAS Systems Team and its clients.

When we started the main goal was developing an online tool which can be accessible 24/7 and can be used to get reviews and feedbacks from all stakeholders of the project and on time.

Perligo is developed using the latest technology stack and hosted with the help of fast and scalable hosting provider.

Hoping to recieve your feedback on the features and also if you would like to add any new ones feel free to write to us.


Perligo helps you collaborate with Project Managers, Designers, Developers, SMEs and Clients in a single platform. Just upload a SCORM package, assign the team members and clients, watch Perligo do the rest for you.

Version Control

Perligo provides you an option to choose the base versions like Alpha, Beta, and Gold. The version numbers completely managed by the tool each time you update the SCORM package. These version numbers are further reflected in the reports.

Built-in Workflows

Perligo manages the status changes of the course and issues automatically for you. If you would like to get more involved, you can suggest new workflows on Gitter. We will get the ones with most ratings into the tool.


Perligo provides wide range of reports with cool graphical representations and export options in Excel and PDF formats.


Perligo sends emails and app notifications to the users in based on the notification settings the user selected.


All communications and notifications in Perligo happen in realtime with use of sockets and redis.

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